Additional manuals & tools

This page will be used to upload and share additional tools that GPPAC and its member organisations have developed to support its conflict prevention and peacebuilding work. If you would like to share or propose additional resources for this site, please contact us


Human Security Handbook: A Civil-Military-Police Curriculum (L.Schirch - Alliance for Peacebuilding, GPPAC, Kroc Institute, 2016): a training curriculum with accompanying case studies to provide practical guidance, terms and concepts to enable civil-military-police coordination to support human security.


GPPAC Media Training Manual (M. Shank - GPPAC, 2010): Manual for civil society organisations on how to influence and engage the media for conflict prevention and peacebuilding. Available in English, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese and Arabic. 


International Conference on the Great Lakes - CSO Handbook (ACCORD, GPPAC, NPI-Africa 2016): To support civil society's engagement with regional intergovernmental organisations, this handbook provides practical information about the structure of the International Conference on the Great Lakes (ICGLR), its decision-making process and cycles, and different spaces for civil society participation, including case studies. See also


Election Dispute Management for West Africa - A Training Manual (WANEP, 2013): A result of the "Enhancing Regional Response Capacity for Conflict Prevention" project, this manual by the West Africa Network for Peacebuilding covers election dispute management, divided into five modules covering different thematic areas in the electoral process. 


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